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As a cyclist you need to be open to the fact that anything can happen.  Some very basic repair knowledge can keep you riding in the event when things happen.  One of the most common repairs that need to be completed trail or road side is that flat tire repair.  With a few dollars worth of parts, tools, and knowledge you don't need to let a flat tire get the best of you.

The maintenance course costs $40.00 (per person when there are two or more people coming) or $50.00 (for individual 1-on-1) and lasts about two hours.  This clinic is very hands on which is an important part of helping you retain what you have learned.  If you and/or a friend or two are interested in taking this course please send an email to with your name and contact information and we can set up a maintenance session that works for your schedule.

Course Content

Our maintenance course covers some of the basics to help you enjoy cycling:

-Flat tire repair

-Chain repair and replacement

-Basics behind gear, brake, and wheel adjustments

-Importance of proper cleaning and lubrication of your bike

If you are looking to learn more than the basic course covers please send an email and we can cater to what you are hoping to learn.