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Why is the bike swap cancelled?

With the extremely limited availability of new bikes it is making it very difficult for customers who sell a bike at the swap to apply those funds to the purchase of a new bike. 

How does the consignment option work?

The used bicycle market has been very busy with the shortage of new bikes and we recognize that not everyone wants to deal with all the potential hassles that come with selling a bike privately.

If you have a used bicycle that isn't from a big box store (Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart, etc.) we are offering a consignment option for you.  All bikes sold on consignment are sold as is with a 30% commission.  

My bike fits your consignment requirements ... now what?

* The better the bike shows the better your chances we can sell it for you.  

* This means clean it up and make it sparkle, pump up the tires and ask yourself ... "Would I want to buy this bike?"

* Fill out the Consignment Form below and bring it and the bike by during regular store hours

* We will contact you in the event that your bike sells

* If your bike hasn't sold by the end of August 2022 we will contact you and you will have one week to collect your bike

* Failure to collect your bike within the one week time frame will result in your bike being donated to a local charity

Consignment Form